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Who are we?

Dragonduciel SA is a limited company with its headquarters in Geneva. Since its founding in 2003, it has become a recognized business in the areas of sales, consulting and organization of business trips, thanks to its excellent management and experienced staff. So far, we have hosted hundreds of business groups, as well as cultural and economic inspections from China, Hong Kong and the Chinese government.

Given the excellent relationship we have with the political and tourist groups from Geneva and the Chinese embassy, and since we are the only member of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce of China, Switzerland and Geneva, we are able to offer attractive benefits for our customers.


Dragonduciel SA wishes to pursue and develop value-added services to retain customers. We want to maintain a high level of professionalism by combining quality and reliability. These values also ensure the reputation of our shop in Geneva.


Dragonduciel SA intends to become the strategic partner for the most famous groups in the field of economic exchanges between Swiss and Chinese companies.


The values that characterize our company are respect for persons, integrity, communication and innovation. The leadership of each must enhance employee motivation, interest in their work and thus develop their skills.